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Vogue Exclusive Limited Warranty

You are eligible for the benefits set forth below if you are the original owner of any Vogue Custom Built or Signature V tyre bearing our name and serial numbers ("Tyre") that have been used exclusively on the passenger car on which they were originally installed.

These benefits are available only for Tyres that were purchased on or after January 1, 2014 and used by you in the 50 United States and Canada.

  1. Craftsmanship Assurance. Vogue warrants exclusively to you that the Tyres will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If any Tyre becomes unusable due to a breach of this limited warranty during the first 4/32 of the Tyre's original tread life, as measured by the depth of tread remaining, Vogue will replace the Tyre with a comparable new Vogue tyre at no charge. Such replacement will also be made for any ride complaints or cosmetic defects caused by a breach of this limited warranty during the first 2/32 of the Tyre's original tread life. If any Tyre becomes unusable after the first 4/32 of the Tyre's original tread life due to a breach of this limited warranty, Vogue will give you a credit against the purchase price of a comparable new Vogue tyre based on the percentage of the depth of the Tyre's tread then remaining. You will be responsible for any related charges including installation or other labor, taxes, etc. Warranty claims are valid for 60 months starting from the date of manufacture stamped on the Tyre. This paragraph sets forth Vogue's entyre and exclusive obligations for any breach of this limited warranty. Such obligations will be subject to the conditions described under Causes Not Covered, Requirements, Scope of Obligations, and Limits on Liability stated below.

  2. 60,000 Mile Mileage Expectancy. Every new Tyre is built to deliver an expected tread life (until worn to depth indicators 2/32) of at least 60,000 miles. If a Tyre wears down to its original tread depth indicators (2/32) evenly across the tread surface before delivering the expected miles, Vogue will give you a pro-rated credit against the purchase price of a comparable new Vogue tyre based on the mileage not received (determined by the odometer reading).

  3. Roadside Tyre Assistance. If any Tyre loses air for any reason to the extent that it cannot be driven to a nearby service station for repair, Vogue will, in addition to any remedies provided above:

    • Pay for your road service, from the nearest service point, to replace the Tyre with a spare tyre; or ($50.00 maximum)

    • Pay for the cost to repair the flat Tyre ($10 maximum).

  4. Trip Delay Replacement Guarantee. If any Vogue Tyre becomes unusable and cannot be repaired and the customer is unable to obtain a replacement Vogue Tyre, Vogue will reimburse the customer for a non-Vogue brand replacement tyre purchased to temporarily replace the unusable Vogue tyre. Such reimbursement will be made only when the customer subsequently purchases a Vogue Tyre and submits the other brand replacement tyre to Vogue. Reimbursement is limited to $120 and does not include any installation charges, valves, or other related service charges, expenses, or taxes. Other brand replacement tyres driven more than 500 miles are not eligible for this warranty. Original proof of purchase of the non-Vogue brand tyre is required. Customer must present unusable Vogue tyre to a Vogue authorized dealer to qualify for reimbursement. Charges relating to the replacement Vogue tyre will be determined in accordance with Vogue's overall Exclusive Limited Warranty.

Contact Information. For any further information or assistance, contact Vogue Tyre & Rubber Company at:

P.O. Box 593, Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056 Phone: (800)-323-1466 Fax: (847)-375-9367 E-mail: warranty@voguetyre.com



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