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▫ Photo on right: Mr. Ian Smale of Victoria B.C. owns this stunning 1960 Chrysler Saratoga coupe. The sweeping coachwork is breathtaking to begin with but the addition of the Motorspot, Inc. wire wheels and the wide whitewalls takes this Chrysler right over the top!
▫ "The folks at Motorspot were very pleasant, helpful and friendly.  I highly recommend them to deal with.  The tires are P235-75R15 with a 2.5" whitewall."
Radial Cross Reference Table - Please call or email us if you have any questions.
P-75 Series 83 Series Bias P-70 Series 80 Series Metric 78-Series Alpha P-75 Series Rim Width
P165/75R13 560-13 P155/80R13 155-13 A78-13 4"-5"
P175/75R13 560-13, 600-13 P165/80R13 165-13 178-13 4"-6"
P185/75R13 650-13 P175/80R13 165-13 C78-13 4"-5"
P195/75R13 640-13, 700-13 P185/80R13 185-15 D78-13 5"-6"
P195/75R14 700-14, 735-14 P205/70R14 185-14 E78-14 5-7"
P205/75R14 750-14, 775-14 P215/70R14 195-14 F78-14 5-7.5"
P215/75R14 800-14, 825-14 P225/70R14 205-14 G78-14 5.5-7.5
P225/75R14 850-14, 855-14 P235/70R14 215-14 H78-14 6-8
P235/75R14 900-14, 950-14 P245/70R14 225-14 J78-14 6-9
165R15 560-15, 600-15 P175/70R15 165-15 A78-15 4.5-6
P195/75R15 640-15, 735-15 P205/70R15 175-15 E78-15 5-7
P205/75R15 670-15, 775-15 P215/70R15 185-15 F78-15 5-7.5
P215/75R15 710-15, 825-15 P225/70R15 205-15 G78-15 5.5-7.5
P225/75R15 760-15, 855-15 P235/70R15 215-15 H78-15 6-8
P235/75R15 820-15, 900-15 P255/70R15 230-15 L78-15 6-8.5

Please click here for additional tire sizes and cross-referencing information

Motorspot, Inc.
Discount Wide Whitewall Tires
phone: 760-731-8303 - M - F - 9-5 PST
fast & friendly service is only a telephone call away

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